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"Happy Toes Award"
2021 Recipient
Caemon Crockem
6th Grade - Park Elementary
Carmon-Park Elem

Ms.Garrett, gifted teacher, Caemon Crockem, Laura Brown, Sock Counter, Ms. Colar, Principal

 Park Elementary, New Iberia, LA


Caemon Crockem, a student at Park Elementary, New Iberia, LA, is the recipient of the “2021 Happy Toes Award.” During the week long sock drive, under Caemon's leadership, over 700 pairs of new socks were donated. Caemon’s theme was, “Create Magic This Holiday Season - Donate Socks.” Caemon is in the 6th grade gifted class.  Socks will be donated to individuals and families leaving in shelters and without housing. Ms. Colar, Principal and Caemon's teacher, Ms. Garrett, speak proudly of Caemon’s planning and hard work for a successful sock-drive through his amazing leadership.


Congratulations & Thank you Caemon! 

We're supporting relief efforts after the deadliest USA tornadoes hit Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee on December 10, 2021 

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